“My daughter has been taking lessons with Lili for 5 years and the transformation has been incredible. As a teacher, Lili creates a safe, fun learning environment while modeling an impeccable work ethic. An accomplished performer herself, Lili has a deep understanding of technique and form, but consistently encourages her students’ confidence and passion. Lili is, quite simply, a gem.”
-Catherine (Parent of Student)

“[Lili] is an extremely inspirational image to follow for she is what I strive to be. Her advice is enormously helpful and relatable, as she understands the life and mind of a high school student attempting to achieve one’s bright future. I relish our lessons each and every week for not only do I learn more, but I have fun. Lili Thomas has been one of the most motivating and supportive teachers I have ever had the pleasure of working with.”
-Hanako, age 16 (Student)

“She handled our children with flawless perfection and skill. In my opinion (and the opinion of most of the parents in this theatre community), Lili is seen as a consummate professional.”
-Karyn (Parent of Student)

“Lili’s willingness to work with excellence at every encounter was more than a student could expect. Uniquely, she actually puts herself into my own performances and allows me to be much more free and confident in every role while still being a stickler for musical integrity. As a former Juilliard student I feel I can easily recognize a wonderful instructor, and personally, a terrific human being.”
-Barbara (Adult Student)

“Lili Thomas is a consummate professional. . . She has an expert musical background”
-Wendy (Colleague)

“Lili is lovely, gentle, sweet, amiable yet full of rigor and extremely talented as a director. Lili is able to bring out the best in her young actors. Lili is capable of genuinely connecting with the kids and inspiring them to give a 100 percent.”
-Bernardita (Parent of Student)

“Lili Thomas has been a Godsend! My daughter has progressed tremendously in the short year and a half she has been studying with Lili. She has been supportive and provided us guidance with the college audition process. We could not have done it without her.”
-Suzanne (Parent of Student)

“I have grown tremendously as a performer and person. Lili continually provides new material that challenges me and makes me want to work harder. I can honestly say that my voice has completely changed for the better under her direction. I feel more confident and satisfied with the quality of my voice. What’s so great about Lili, is that she really cares about her students and wants to see them succeed. I strongly recommend her as a vocal/acting coach. There’s no one better!”
-Brianna (Student)

“I like that Lili gives me corrections throughout a song, instead of waiting until the very end of the song. I like that we don’t just work on the singing, but also on the acting, syncopation and lyrics. I think its neat that Lili is able to listen, give instructions and play the piano all at the same time. I like that she asks me to review all the songs in my repertoire each week so that I don’t lose the specific details that I worked so hard on.”
-Josie, age 9 (Student)

“When I asked my daughter to consider pairing down her extremely over packed schedule, she responded by rating her activities on a scale 1-10. Voice lessons with Lili got a firm, hands down 10/10, outscoring all other activities.”
-Karen (Parent of Student) http://phentermine375.net/

“I am one of Lili’s adult students pursuing voice lessons as a hobby. I started lessons with Lili over a year ago with some singing experience, but never having the confidence to sing alone or in front of an audience. Lili worked with me on the basics at first, giving me the tools to understand why I sound the way I do and the ways that I could improve. She encouraged me to apply my newly learned skills and I now sing in a men’s chorus weekly and was recently cast in a community theatre production! I have been amazed with my progress and have Lili to thank for the encouragement and dedication to my singing.”
-Gary (Adult Student)